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“What does that say? Can I touch it?”

Purchase the gift of quality hand crafted braille T-shirts and jewelry with a secret braille message of your choosing. Our tactile t-shirt messages are hand crafted using crystals or metallic studs as braille dots. We set each dot by hand, then heat set them onto your item, so there are no scratchy prongs on the inside. Our garments are machine washable, and can be tumble dried in a cool dryer or hung up to dry. We send to anywhere in the world and can also add messages to jackets, sweat shirts or other suggested items.  Our jewelry is hand embossed to give a crisp tactile pattern in standard sized braille.  Easy to read, and available in either Grade 1 or Grade 2 braille, on high quality copper, brass or aluminum shapes. See more at

A gift that’s a Talking point

An original gift idea for the person who has everything. Everyone is fascinated by braille and wants to know what it feels like and what it says. Quirky, different, tactile and a little bit sensual. A great gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or for a blind person in your life.

Hand-embossed custom braille jewelry

Military-style dog tags in your choice of solid brass, copper, or stainless steel with matching 24″ bead chains, just $24 plus $3.00 first class shipping. Up to two lines of seven cells each can be embossed on these sturdy ID tags. Great for wearing as a necklace, or for using as an ID on your messenger bag, backpack, or cane.  For more information and options, please use our easy-to-navigate sister site,

Copper, brass and stainless steel military style dog tags on matching ball chain are hand embossed with braille names or sayings.
Your choice of matte stainless steel, solid copper or solid brass military spec dog tag on matching 24″ ball chain, $24.

We are proud to introduce our line of hand-embossed custom braille jewelry that includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, purse charms, cane charms and keyrings in brass, copper or aluminum.  We can do brass or copper discs up to six cells wide with your choice of words, names or initials.  We have military style dogtags available in copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel that make great necklaces or tags for luggage or messenger bags.  Our new line of Harness Bling features brightly colored aluminum dog bones, hearts, stars, and other shapes for your dog’s collar or harness, custom embossed with a name or short phrase.  Please use our easy-to-navigate sister site to order jewelry, ID tags, and more.

How to buy

Use our easy to use accessible shopping cart with pull down menus to order your custom tshirt. We accept credit cards through Paypal.

Suggested messages

Recent braille messages our customers have asked for have ranged from the quirky to the romantic, witty or shocking! It’s a message to the world that no one knows about until they dig deeper by speaking to you. Sometimes short, sometimes long, Here are a few T-shirt messages we’ve produced:

  • “2 hot 2 handle”
  • “sexy” (a great looking word in braille)
  • “cuddle” – touch it, read it with your fingertips, you’re almost there!
  • “I hate Jon Fisher” — someone who didn’t much like their boss, we think!
  • “touch me” — another cute one.  Or “hands off!” if you prefer.
  • “time to get tactile”
  • “Jennifer loves Cory” — a public message just for your lover that no one else will understand.
  • “Brailliant!”
  • “Braille readers are leaders”
  • “If you can read this, you are too close”
  • “I’m psychic. I knew you would ask me what this says.”
  • “I (heart-shaped logo) NY”  or whatever YOU love

We can make any phrase you like.  Most will fit in the standard pricing we have listed on our products page.  If you want something that is very, very long, we will try to accommodate your wishes, but there may be an additional fee for the additional materials and time it takes to hand set your custom item.  We use Grade 2 braille by default, but will be happy to use Grade 1 if you prefer.